Private Party by the Lake

Live LX were approached by Tamworth Based Reunion Group to create a 12 minute laser light show for a private party at a farm in Staffordshire.

The farm has a lake in which the party overlooked. This was the perfect backdrop for the light show as it is surrounded by mature trees and had an Island in the middle for a centre piece.

Lighting designer Pete Watts and programmer George Russell made a visit to the site 2 months prior to the event. They decided ideal lighting positions as well as worked out what effects would work in that setting given the constraints of such a hill and exposure to the elements.

The sound track was provided by the Reunion Groups Greg Stevenson and consisted of 80s movie and TV themes. Pete and George used this to program off line in the office using Capture Atlas onto an Avolites Tiger Touch 2.

Lighting fixtures for the event were a mixture of IP rated SGM G Spots and LED floods. Non IP fixtures were housed in one of 5 covered decks. These included Elation 5R Beams, JTE Pixel line and Martin Atomic Strobes.
In addition to this a large number of PAR 64s and ETC Source 4s were used to light the trees surrounding the lake.
Lasers were also supplied by Live LX with Laserworld being the manufacturer of choice.

Keeping an outdoor uncovered area hazy is always a challenge, Live LX employed 3 Smoke Factory Tour hazers, 3 Antari HZ-500 crackers and 2 Martin Magnum 1800 smoke machines.

Effects used included Le Maitre Chameleon Flames and an amount of Le Maitre ProStage-II pyrotechnics. These were all sited on the island to get them closer to the crowd.

The light show was time coded to the music and over-night final programming took place on site before the show.

The event went smoothly and after the light show the site was kept lit to create a great atmosphere for the rest of the duration of the event.