Brit Floyd Europe 2012

Brit Floyd is a large scale Pink Floyd show touring the UK, Europe, Middle East and the USA.

Live LX supplied dimmers and distro to their 2012 3 month European leg.

As well as all the distro, which included 2 hot racks and a 48 way Avo rack, Live LX supplied all the generic lighting, Strobes and Haze.

This included 12 ETC Source 4s, 22 2 lite blinders 12 par 64s 9 Atomic 3000 strobes and Le Matire MVS hazers.

All data distribution was supplied via Swisson DMX splitters and the feed to FOH was also Live LX.

Custom cable looms were made to help keep the overall amount of flightcases to a minimum as truck space was limited.

Brit Floyd continue to tour in 2013.

Brit Floyd Website